35.2 - Knowledge-scapes

September 2020
Theme Editors: Julia Montes-Landa, Friederike Jürcke and Alessandro Ceccarelli


"Knowledge-scapes" in Archaeology: An Introduction
Friederike Jürcke, Julia Montes-Landa and Alessandro Ceccarelli

The Role of Landscape Knowledge Networks in the Early Pleistocene Technological Variability of East Africa
James Clark and Gonzalo Linares-Matãs

Knowledge-scapes as Resources: An Archaeological Approach to the Construction of Cultural and Social Identities
Beat Schweizer

"Cheese-scapes": An Ethnoarchaeological Study of the Traditional Production of Halloumi in Cyprus
Rafael Laoutari

A Tale of Red and Black: Reconstructing Transfer of Knowledge in Late Chalcolithic Cyprus
Maria Hadjigavriel

Esoteric Botanical Knowledge-Scapes of Medieval Iberia
Shalen Prado

"Stick Them with the Pointy End": The Knowledge-scape of Sword Fighting in Archaic Central Italy
Elena Scarsella

Traditions of the Separate: Creation of Wetland Deposition Knowledge-scapes
Tiffany Treadway

Knowledge-scapes as an Alternative to Long-term Geo-determinism in Travelling and Movement
Juan Latorre-Ruiz

Book Reviews:

Book reviews edited by James Clark

Ancient Knowledge Networks: A Social Geography of Cuneiform Scholarship in First-Millennium Assyria and Babylonia
Marie Kolbenstetter

Pottery Chaîne Opératoire among the Mbeere People of Mt. Kenya Region: Continuity and Change
By Eleanor Robson

Reviewed by Rhonda McGovern

Metals, Minds and Mobility: Integrating Scientific Data with Archaeological Theory
By Xosé-Lois Armada, Mercedes Murillo-Barroso and Mike Charlton

Reviewed by Victoria A. Sainsbury

Handbook of Cognitive Archaeology: Psychology in Prehistory
Edited by Tracy B. Henley, Matt J. Rossano and Edward P. Kardas

Reviewed by Carmen Martín-Ramos

The Routledge Handbook of Memory and Place
Edited by Sarah De Nardi, Hilary Orange, Steven High and Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto

Reviewed by Kim Eileen Ruf

Cover Art by Matilde Ricci

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