36.1 - Resilience & Archaeology

May 2021
Theme Editors: Sergio G. Russo and Leah M. Brainerd


"Introduction: Resilience and its dissociative disorder from an archaeological perspective
Sergio G. Russo and Leah M. Brainerd

Persistence in Neanderthal models
Fulco Scherion

Resilience and reversability: Engaging with archaeological record formation to inform on past resilience
Benjamin Davies, Matthew Douglass, Particia C. Fanning and Simon J. Holdaway

"Mobility as resilience capacity in northern Alpine Neolithic settlement communities
Caroline Heitz, Martin Hinz, Julian Laabs and Albert Hafner

Towards a modified urban resilience model for archaeologists
Christian S.L. Jørgensen

Digging deep: Exploring the role of social cohesion and farmer decision-making in the resilience of historical socio-ecological system
Tabitha K. Kabora, Daryl Stump and John Wainwright

"Social cohesion and resilience: The sensory experience of death-related rituals at EBA Ebla
Agata Calabrese

Detecting conceptual resilience: The Ancient Egyption notion of judicial sdm ('hearing') over 1500 years
Alexandre Lokitonov

Book Reviews:

Book reviews edited by Victoria Pham

The quality of the archaeological record
By Charles Perreault

Reviewed by Daniel Fuks

Narratives of persistence: Indigenous negotiations of colonialism in Alta and Baja California
By Lee M. Panich

Reviewed by Caitlin Jacobson

Going forward by looking back: Archaeological perspectives on socio-ecological crisis, response, and collapse
Edited by Felix Riede and Payson Sheets

Reviewed by Miriam A.W. Rothenberg

Cover Art by Benjamin Mercier

Issue design by Simone I. Russo

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