The Science Bundle

Receive 3 issues of the Archaeological Review from Cambridge for just £25!

Together these issues represent approaches to the relationship that scientific analysis has within and to the discipline of archaeology. With rich material including a conversation between Colin Renfrew and Ian Hodder over interpreting archaeological science, the journals in this bundle contain both examples of the ways in which scientific methodology has helped to interpret the past (such as breakthroughs in chronological dating methods, geoarchaeology, and studies of metallurgy) and where scientific methodology falls short, particularly in its “readability” by the public. The diversity of scientific analysis used in archaeology is well represented by these issues, which include everything from geoarchaeological interpretations to statistical population analysis to track disease between animals and humans.

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Issues Included:

28.2 Humans and Animals
27.1 Science and the Material Record
10.1 Interpreting Archaeological Science

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