36.2 - Text and Image

November 2021

Elisa Scholz and Glynnis Maynard


Text and Image in Perspective
Glynnis Maynard and Elisa Scholz

From Story to Memory: Some Combat Images from the early Late Bronze Age Greek Mainland
Rachel Phillips

Overexposed: Looking around Photographic Texts and Images in the Archive
Rebekah Hodgkinson

The Body as (in, and with) Text: Doing Bioarchaeology with Archives
Lauren Hosek, Alanna L. Warner-Smith, and Shannon A. Novak

A Kylix Onesimos: Visual and Linguistic Humour in the Athenian Classroom
Ollie Croker

Maybe it's a Sign: Observation and Doubt in a Mesopotamian Omen Series
Madeleine Ouimet

Beyond the Written Content - the deliberate use and omission of coin inscriptions
Saskia Kerschbaum and Hülya Vidin

Emblematic representation on ancient Egyptian apotropaic wands
Jordan Miller

Devices of Ekphrasis? A Multimodal Perspective on Viking Age Animal Art
Michael Neiß and Rebeca Franco Valle

Image and Text to Educate the Nation: Reinterpreting the Woodblock Print Series 'Pictoral Record of Products of Great Japan'
Freya Terryn

Andromeda as 'marmoreum opus' in Roman Literature and Wall Painting
Amelie Lutz

Issue design by Simone I. Russo

Cover Art by Livia De Simone