Embodied Identities

Embodied Identities
Volume 21.2 (Nov 2006)

Editor: Isabelle Vella Gregory

Book Review Editor: Elizabeth Whitton

Embodied Identities

1. Preface

Isabelle Vella Gregory

8. Plaster cast sculpture: A history of touch

Marden Fitzpatrick Nichols

9. Deconstructing Context: A Critical Approach to Archaeological Practice
Book Review

Edited By: Demetra Papaconstantinou
Reviewed By: Natalie C.C. White

10. Intermediate Elites in Pre-Columbian States and Empires
Book Review

Authored By: Christina M. Elson and R. Alan Covey
Reviewed By: Zenobie Garrett

11. Handbook of Material Culture
Book Review

Edited By: Chris Tilley, Webb Keane, Susanne Kuechler-Fodgen, Mike Rowlands and Patricia Spyer
Reviewed By: Alisan Klevnäs

12. Industrial Ruins: Space, Aesthetics and Materiality
Book Review

Authored By: Tim Edensor
Reviewed By: Benjamin Morris

13. The Nature of Palaeolithic Art
Book Review

Authored By: R. Dale Guthrie
Reviewed By: Rebecca A. Farbstein

14. Introduction to Rock Art Research
Book Review

Authored By: David S. Whitley
Reviewed By: James Holloway

15. Obsidian: Geology and Archaeology in the North American Southwest
Book Review

Authored By: M. Steven Shackley
Reviewed By: Ivy J. Owens

16. Practical and Theoretical Geoarchaeology
Book Review

Authored By: Paul Goldberg, Richard Macphail and Wendy Matthews
Reviewed By: Andrea Balbo