The Disturbing Past

The Disturbing Past
Volume 22.2 (Nov 2007)

Editors: James Holloway and Alison Klevnas

Book Review Editor: Elizabeth Whitton

The Disturbing Past

1. Introduction

James Holloway and Alison Kelvnas

8. Commentary

Sarah Tarlow

9. Documenta Praehistorica XXXII
Book Review

Edited By: Mihael Budja
Reviewed By: Isabelle Vella Gregory

10. Excavating Asian History: Interdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology and History
Book Review

Edited By: Norman Yoffee and Bradley L. Crowel
Reviewed By: Jason Hawkes

11. Bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia
Book Review

Authored By: Marc Oxenham and Nancy Tayles
Reviewed By: Lindsay Lloyd-Smith

12. New Museums and the Making of Culture
Book Review

Authored By: Kylie Message
Reviewed By: Michael Squire

13. Homo Britannicus
Book Review

Authored By: Chris Stringer
Reviewed By: Wendy A. Morrison

14. The Mote of Mark: A Dark Age Hillfort in South-West Scotland
Book Review

Authored By: Lloyd Laing and David Longley
Reviewed By: Christopher Morley

15. Death and Memory in Early Medieval Britain
Book Review

Authored By: Howard Williams
Reviewed By: James Holloway

16. Mimbres Society
Book Review

Authored By: edited by Valli S. Powell-Marti and Patricia A. Gilman
Edited By: Valli S. Powell-Marti and Patricia A. Gilman
Reviewed By: Jamie K. Anderson