Social Network Perspectives in Archaeology

Social Network Perspectives in Archaeology
Volume 29.1 (Apr 2014)

Editors: Sarah Evans and Kathrin Felder

Social Network Perspectives in Archaeology

10. Computational Approaches to Archaeological Spaces
Book Review

Edited By: Andrew Bevan and Mark Lake
Reviewed By: P. Alfano

11. Cities and the Shaping of Memory in the Ancient Near East
Book Review

Authored By: Ömür Harmanșah
Reviewed By: G. M. Andreou

12. The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial
Book Review

Edited By: edited Sarah Tarlow and Liv Nilsson Stutz
Reviewed By: M. Binder

13. Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Interaction
Book Review

Edited By: Carl Knappett
Reviewed By: B. G. de Groot

14. The Origins and Spread of Domestic animals in Southwest Asia and Europe
Book Review

Edited By: Sue Colledge, James Connolly, Keith Dobney, Katie Manning and Stephen Shennan
Reviewed By: S. Elliott

15. The Archaeology of Kinship
Book Review

Authored By: Bradley E. Ensor
Reviewed By: P. Y. Kao

16. Matters of Scale: Processes and Courses of Events in the Past and the Present
Book Review

Edited By: Nanouschka M. Burström and Fredrik Fahlander
Reviewed By: H. L. McBeth

17. Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability
Book Review

Authored By: Diane Barthel-Bouchier
Reviewed By: B. C. Mollard

19. Humans and the Environment: New Archaeological Perspectives for the Twenty-first Century
Book Review

Edited By: Matthew I.J. Davies and Freda Nkirote M'Mbogori
Reviewed By: R. Swallow