9.1 - Technology in the Humanities

Summer 1990
Theme Editors: Anthony Sinclair and Nathan Schlanger


Introduction: technology in the humanities
Nathan Schlanger and Anthony Sinclair

Society, nature and the concept of technology
Tim Ingold

Technique as human action: two perspectives
Nathan Schlanger

Topsy turvy techniques: remarks on the social representation of techniques
Pierre Lemonnier

'A New Technology' revisited
Robert Cresswell

Description, understanding and the chaîne opératoire
Mark Edmonds

Technology as phenotype: an extended look at Time, Energy and Stone Tools
Anthony Sinclair

Sermons in stones: an exploration of Thomas Wynn’s The Evolution of Spatial Complexity
Paul Graves

Prehistoric lithic technology: some aspects of research
Jacques Pelegrin

Technical and social actors: flintknapping specialists at Magdalenian Etiolles
Nicole Pigeot

The psychosocial analysis of technical activities: a contribution to the study of craft specialisation
Valentine Roux

Ian Hodder


Communication in archaeology: transforming the views
Liliana Janik and Hanna Zawadzka

Communication in archaeology: the chances and risks for East German archaeology
Andreas Reinecke

The problems of conservation in a unifying Berlin
Frederick Baker

Book Reviews

A History of African Archaeology
Edited by Peter Robertshaw
Reviewed by Alinah Segobye

Princes et Princesses de la Celtique
By Patrice Brun
Greeks, Romans and Barbarians
By Barry Cunliffe
Reviewed by Timothy Champion

Les Industries Lithique Taillées de Franchthi
By Catherine Perles
Reviewed by Michael Chazan

Hearth and Home: A History of Material Culture
By Norman G. Pounds
Reviewed by Nathan Schlanger

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