11.2 - Digging for a Laugh

Autumn 1992
Theme Editor: Bill Sillar


Culture Clash in the Greater Southwest
Dudley Prepaw and Diane Gifford Gonzales

Humour, Society, and Material Culture
Bill Sillar

Sid and Eric Cartoon
Kevin Butcher

Lucy’s Twin Sister
Paul Courbin

The Morning After Doomsday
Marshall Laird

Ali and Hasan Cartoon
Kevin Butcher

The Elgin Marbles are going to Tennessee
Christie Davies

Exit, pursued by a footnote
Leslie Hill

But seriously though folks!
Simon James

The Land of Parallél
Kevin Butcher

Bores, Bluffers and Wankas: Some Thoughts on Archaeology and Humour
Paul Bahn

From the Milesians to the Milesians: The Irish-Ponitnian joke
Christie Davies

Greek Vases, Down Mexico Way
Michael Vickers

Figures of Fun: Theories about Cavemen
Clive Gamble

Archaeology is too important a subject not to be joked about
Philip Rahtz and Ian Burrow

Caius Versimilitude: A Proto-Archaeologist
Kevin Butcher

Book Reviews

Archaeology After Structuralism: Post-Structuralism and the Practice of Archaeology
Edited by Ian Bapty and Tim Yates

Writing the Past in the Present
Edited by Frederick Baker and Julian Thomas
Reviewed by John Carman

The Archaeology of Medieval Germany: An Introduction. Translated by Ross Samson
By Gunter P. Fehring
Reviewed by Samantha Lucy

Topics in Remote Sensing 2: Archaeological Prospecting and Remote Sensing
By I. Scollar, A Tabbagh, A. Hesse and I. Herzog
Reviewed by Kathryn Roberts

Book Notes

Cypriot Ceramics: Reading the Prehistoric Record
Edited by Jane A. Barlow, Diane L. Bolger and Barbara King
Reviewed by Jonathan West

Excavations at Srachane in Istanbul, Vol.2: The Pottery
By J.W. Hayes
Reviewed by K.R. Dark

The Roman World
Edited by John Wacher
Reviewed by K.R. Dark

Anglo-Saxon England
By Martin Welsh
Reviewed by Robert Daniels

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