30.2 - Archaeology: Myths Within and Without

November 2015
Theme Editors: Benjamin Hinson and Barbora Janulíková


Benjamin Hinson and Barbora Janulíková

Archaeology and national building: a view from Iran
Rana Daroogheh

Understanding metaphors in sustaining cultural landscapes within traditional societies in Australia and Zimbabwe
Ashton Sinamai

Struggle for identity in the Czech and Slovak Republics: the myths of Magna Moravia and the Přemyslid State
Jana Maříková-Kubková, Pavla Tomanová and Katarína Válová

We are not looking for gold: on archaeology as a myth
Miriam E. Domínguez

It's all magical and made up, really': negotiating between academic and alternative narratives of British prehistory
Elizabeth Pratt

The child in the copper pail: Canadian Plateau child burials and regionally entrenched archaeological myths
Chris Arnett and Celia Nord

Lost tribes, Old World settlers, and the archaeology of North America
Peregrine Gerard-Little

Demaratus Debunked: the problem with using historical texts over archaeological evidence in creating technological time lines
Andrew Carroll

Finding homelands: excavating myth and identity from East to West
Meghan Bowe, Liz Cohen and Hyun Kyung Lee

Reclaiming the streets: the role of archaeology in deconstructing the myths of contemporary society
Rachael Kiddey and Paul Graves-Brown

Archaeological imagery in children's television: how archaeology reinforces innocence and authority
Trudie Cole

Separating artefacts from fiction: using museum education and outreach to increase archaeology's relevance and impact in society
Trisha Biers and Sarah-Jane Harknett

Pyramids, dragons and whores: (Post)colonial myths and metafictions in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels by G. R. R. Martin
Uroš Matić

Book Reviews

Medieval Childhood: Archaeological Approaches
Edited by D.M. Hadley and K.A. Hemer
Reviewed by Leslie Quade

The Archaeology and Ethnography of Central Africa
By James Denbow
Reviewed by Chris Wingfield

Wonderful Things: A History of Egyptology 1 (From Antiquity to 1881)
By Jason Thompson
Reviewed by Nicky Nielsen

The Cambridge World Prehistory
Edited by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn
Reviewed by Don P. O'Meara

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