33.2 - The Others: Deviants, Outcasts and Outsiders in Archaeology

November 2018
Theme Editors: Leah Damman and Sam Leggett


Sam Leggett and Leah Damman

The Hand of Medieval Justice: an Archaeological Example of a Leibzeichen from Petrikirche, Berlin
Katie Tucker and Claudia Melisch

Facing the Earth for Eternity? Prone Burials in Early Medieval and Medieval Finland (c. AD 900-1300)
Ulla Moilanen

Considering Indigenous Agency and Hybrid Practices in a Funerary Context: A Case Study of Late Iron Age Son Maimú, Mallorca
Margalida A. Coll

Outcasts or Chosen by God? Reconsidering the Social Stigmatization of Medieval Leprosy Sufferers
Anastasia Brozou

Beyond the Binary: An Archaeological Perspective on Gender Identity
Lewis J. Ferrero

Creating the Enemy: Persians, War and Athenian Identity in the Fifth Century BC
Ricarda Meisl

Defining the Other: Castration, Social Difference, and Archaeology
Kathryn Reusch

Eileen M. Murphy

Book Reviews

Edited by Rennan Lemos

Life on the Edge: Social, Political and Religious Frontiers in Early Medieval Europe
Edited by Sarah Semple, Celia Orsini and Sian Mui
Reviewed by Emma Brownlee

Engaging with the Dead: Exploring Changing Human Beliefs about Death, Mortality and the Human Body
Edited by Jennie Bradbury and Chris Scarre
Reviewed by Susan Pfeiffer

Infancy and Earliest Chilhood in the Roman World: 'A Fragment of Time'
By Maureen Carroll
Reviewed by Summer Courts

What Makes Civilization? The Ancient Near East and the Future of the West
By David Wengrow
Reviewed by Uroš Matić

Tomb Robberies at the End of the New Kingdom: The Gurob Burnt Groups Reinterpreted
By Valentina Gasperini
Reviewed by Vincent Chollier

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